RVH Mulch Supply offers a highly dependable delivery service along with a quality selection of bulk landscape supplies. Our company also offers installation of our products including mulch, stone, sand and soil.

We think you will agree that our attention to detail and competetive prices will keep you coming back to RVH Mulch Supply for your landscaping projects.


double ground hardwoodDouble Ground Hardwood Mulch – Brown, chocolate color.


root mulchRoot Mulch – Deep Dark Brown, almost black in color.


red dyedRed Dyed mulch – Bright Brilliant Red


black dyedBlack Dyed Mulch – Deep Black in color.


brown dyedBrown Dyed Mulch – Dark Brown, flat in color.


wood chipsWood Chips – Everyday Woodchips

cedarCedar Mulch – Brown with a red tint, great aroma.

hemlockHemlock Mulch – Solid Lighter Brown, great aroma.

playground mulchPlayground Mulch – Lite in color, clean.

  • Double Ground Hardwood
  • Root
  • Colored – Red, Black and Brown
  • Wood Chips
  • Cedar
  • Hemlock
  • Playground   

Decorative Stone

  • Red Stones – Pa Red Stone, Burgundy in color
  • River Rock / Jack – Delaware , Colorful
  • White Stone, Bright White color


  • Crushed, Shoulder, Dust
  • Pea Gravel – Clean, Washed, a lot of color
  • Crushed Stone – Multiple Sizes


  • All Types, Mason, Beach, Yellow


  • Screened Topsoil – Premium 5/8 minus, loomy Soil
  • Screened Fill – Clean, soil
  • Screened Compost


  • Rock Salt, Treated Rock, Calcium